David Seaman, a former contributor for Huffington Post, claims that he was terminated from his job without warning for posting an article containing a video that asked questions about Hillary Clinton’s health. Mainstream media no longer tolerates free speech. The establishment does not want to start packing. Too many Americans are being exposed to the truth. Media has failed the public and is no longer worthy of the Amendment that protects them. It is Globalism vs Nationalism. The dying mainstream media spends 0% of their air time legitimizing or engaging with the truth community. They are terrified. It is amazing how naïve some people are. It’s even more amazing there is still an honest journalist out there. David Seaman has created his own brilliant news platform, called Fulcrum, which matches his journalistic mindset and where he can post whatever he wants, with no censorship what-so-ever. He calls it “The rebirth of real news. Unbiased news on disturbing stories like the JFK files and the Podesta emails that many others in the media are not willing to touch, even though, they are significant stories.” So if you are someone who wants to know the truth,  I recommend that you subscribe to Fulcrum. I subscribed the David Seaman YouTube channel when he was terminated from Huffington Post in 2016. Everything that he has predicted has been right on the money. I started watching Info Wars before I found David on YouTube. Every time I tried to expose my mainstream media following friends to the truth by showing them an Alex Jones video, it was automatically rejected. “That guy is crazy” they would say. When I showed them David Seaman’s videos, they had a totally different reaction. I could actually play an entire video and no one has asked me to stop one yet. In fact, they will ask, “What channel is that? Send me the link. I want to subscribe.” Fulcrum is now my main news source. I can count on them, to keep me updated on the real state of the world everyday. I recommend that you definitely subscribe to his YouTube channel, but to get the information that he does not publish anywhere else you will need to subscribe to Fulcrum. I follow him on YouTube and subscribed to Fulcrum the first day it was available. I give all credit to David, for introducing me to cryptocurrency and I give credit to Fulcrum for pushing me to overcome fear and actually start purchasing crypto. Included with a Fulcrum subscription is a weekly email from David Seaman labeled DEEP, which is a newsletter on digital currencies and life. You will not find this information on his website or on YouTube. You will also receive a downloadable secret podcast every month. The only way to have access to this phenomenal information is by subscribing to Fulcrum. Before I found David Seaman, I had no idea what Bitcoin even was. I had never heard of it before. None of my friends or family knew what it was, until I started showing them Fulcrum’s secret podcasts and then buying it. What that tells me, and what it should tell you, is that Fulcrum is ahead of the game, when it comes to reporting on what is truthfully going on in the world and pointing out up-and-coming opportunities.

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